A downloadable game for Windows

DUE TO AN UPLOAD ISSUE (where we didn't actually upload a game) the actual game can be found here


In A Town Called Hjell, you must lead your band of Norse men and women to victory  by giving the ultimate gift… your life for the good of the Clan.

Each night, one of your clan must be offered up to a deadly monster to keep it from eating you all - all the while keeping your clan supplied, happy, and defendable! Each day brings new troubles, but each day also brings the Longship closer to being completed - and freedom and safety with it.

How To Play

Everything is controlled via the mouse! Scroll with the mouse wheel / trackpad to navigate your town, and click on the prompts to proceed!

Each house holds a unique villager, created at each session start! (Procedural!)

Use ESC to quit the game.

On Victory or Failure screens, at present you must press the "G" key (will be fixed once Game Jam is over!)

Click to victory -  for the Clan!


We are aware of some issues - however, thought it better to submit then not submit at all! 

Issues we've noted: 

- UI sizing issue

- Audio music not correct file

- Success or Failure screens don't allow reset, just press ESC to quit for now.

We will re-upload once the Game Jame is over. 

Thank you for playing, and hope you enjoy!


Background Music: Recorded by Kyster, performed by the band Pøbel.

Pøbel - more from the band here

Art Direction - Matt Burgess

Programming - Andrew Stewart


ATownCalledHjell 90 kB


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This game looks fricking amazing.

I can't seem to download the game. Whenever I click on "Install" it creates a folder, with the word "missing" appended.

Edit: Just noticed the link up top. Trying the game now.